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I/O Explorer USB for the x86 textbook

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Due to the fact that many PCs no longer have any ISA slot or LPT port, this I/O Explorer Trainer provides a means of interfacing with the PC via the USB port. The I/O Explorer Trainer is perfect for both desktop and laptop computers. All it needs is an available USB port.

The MDE 8255 LPT Trainer is no longer available for sale. The materials below are for those who have purchased the board.

Due to the internal structure of MS Windows, separate drivers are required for both Assembly language and Visual C++ environments.

Microsoft Windows NT/2K/XP:

Visual C++ : Drivers & Sample Code (Also Inline ASM)
Visual Basic: Drivers & Sample Code

Microsoft DOS/Windows 9x using Pure Assembly:

MASM : Drivers & Sample Code

Microsoft Windows 9x:

Visual C++ : Drivers & Sample Code