RTOS (Real Time Operating System)

The real-world microcontroller-based embedded systems use RTOS. To do an RTOS course for the microcontroller you need three things:

1) an RTOS source code,
2) a robust and stable C compiler IDE, and
3) a microcontroller trainer,

There are many RTOSes to choose from. Our favorite one is the MicroC/OS RTOS from Micrium (www.micrium.com). We agree with following assessment given by Michael Barr on the Amazon bookstore website about this RTOS:
"The MicroC/OS (a.k.a., uC/OS) family of real-time operating systems (RTOSes) has ranked in the Top 5 commercial operating systems for embedded software development in each of the past several years. This is because MicroC/OS offers a large value relative to its small price. Whereas other Top 5 embedded operating systems, including Microsoft's Windows CE/Mobile and Wind River's VxWorks, have per-unit licensing royalties and fees of tens of thousands of dollars per developer seat, MicroC/OS is royalty free, and has a total licensing fee less than one seat of those others. MicroC/OS even comes with C language source code and top-notch technical support".

More imprtantly the Micrium RTOS is free for universities and educational purposes as long as it is not used for money-making commercial ventures.